Icon Design 
Personalized Icons for Arthur J. based on his interests and life experiences. 
Tools Used: Illustrator
Collage Design
Collages based on personal interests and personality traits for Arthur J. and myself.  
Tools: photoshop
Geo-Location based Design
Geo-filters based on the surrounding area of Hollywood, Ca. The 
Tools: Illustrator & Photoshop
Poster Design
The poster above was inspired by information I came across after researching plastic pollution, its effects on wildlife, the environment and mankind. Its purpose is to get people to see where all our convenient single use plastic products end up after being broken down into tiny pieces so that in return, we become more conscious about the products we purchase. 
Tools used: Photoshop, Indesign
Snapchat Mobile Feature
Unity by Snap is a social conscious product featured in snapchats snap map. Our product educates young adults; ages 15-25 about racial inequalities and encourages them to take take action by connecting them to local organizations fighting to create positive change. 
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